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Future-proof Investments

Neptuno has the mindset, tools, and resources needed to capture the opportunities in the world of exponential growth driven by digital transformation.

Neptuno is...


an all weather, multi-strategy fund focused on capturing exponential growth stories from the digital revolution, while protecting capital in a one-stop shop portfolio proposition.

from early stage, seed, growth, P.E. to listed equity, we see beyond size and stage to capture value on true disruptors, balancing risk in a multi-stage and multi-industry portfolio. 


We see a world changing exponentially, and we like products and business models that are affecting how people behave. 

Great companies are run by great entrepreneurs, we strive to impress ourselves in finding and funding them.

About Us


We invested early in public companies like AAPL, AMZN, TSLA, NFLX, UBNT. 

Early Stage

We look at proven founders with the toolset to succeed in a variety of different problems that can be solved with adequate mix of technology, execution and boldness. Directly or indirectly, Neptuno has a portfolio of promising companies such as Virgin Mobile, Varjo, Moni, Liuv, and many others. 

What We Offer


Neptuno also deploys capital as an LP in other Venture Capital, Private Equity and Hedge Funds. 


We hold cash and other liquid securities to tactically deploy capital when opportunities arise, as well as to offer liquidity and protection to our LPs. 


Neptuno has been carefully building its exposure to its crypto portfolio, focusing on arbitrage and fee generators. 



Neptuno has been sharply focused on understanding the exponential changes affecting our times and strategically deploying capital on sectors, players and managers sharply aware of the extraordinary times we are living.  


Since 2003 Neptuno has been delivering consistent performance to investors. We combine financial and tech experiences, walking comfortably between Wall St and Silicon Valley, and plugged to the worlds thriving tech startup ecosystems.


From Silicon Valley to Miami to São Paulo, investing cross-border in Europe, LATAM, US and Scandinavia, we see a world without borders and we source deals with geo-agnostic lens.

Why Us



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3550 Virginia St - 2nd fl

Miami, FL 33133

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